As you can see by this site, my main interest is in nature and wildlife photography. I tell people that I'm a photographer first and a naturalist second because truly my first love is photography. Nature and wildlife are just great subjects that provide challenge and inspiration.

I've been involved in photography in one way or another from my early high school days as a yearbook photographer, through college where I majored in Photographic Science and Instrumentation at Rochester Institute of Technology, to today as an avid amateur nature photographer.

In recent years, two things have fueled my interest and improved my images greatly. They are my involvement in the critique web site and my conversion to digital. In my opinion, on-line critique sites are the best way to learn really fast and digital photography is so much more fun that it provides a lot of motivation to keep trying.

On a personal note, my wife and I live in north Texas and both work for Texas Instruments, one of the best companies in the world to work for. She is a manager in IT Operations and I work in the DLP Products™ (Digital Light Processing) group. We keep in shape by running and on vacations, we try to go to beautiful natural places to day hike and practice nature photography.